We want you to sparkle this year, Beauties! It’s the year of Fairy Tale Glam and we’re channelling our inner princess vibes into these gorgeous new glam brush sets and books! Inspired by magical unicorns, shimmering mermaids, and the sweetest macarons, these brushes will enchant your beauty routine.♥♥

6 sparkly NEW Glam Brush Sets:

♥♥ Unicorn Sparkle Set

♥♥ Mermaid Glam Set

♥♥ Unicorn Love Set

♥♥ Macaron Glam Set

♥♥ Madison Miller Set

♥♥ MissLizHeart Set

As always, each brush book and brush set is jewelled to pretty perfection, crafted from the highest quality materials and is made with PINK LOVE! #slfairytaleglam♥♥ All glam sets are made cruelty free!♥♥

Getting glammed should be a pretty experience, down to the last detail! The perfectly pink, girly Luxury Brush Collection is the absolute sweetest way to get pretty! We've covered all the bases with the 5 essential brushes you need for your glam routine: 

Powder brush Blusher brush Foundation brush Eye shadow brush Lip brush

And every Luxury Beauty Brush you order comes perfectly wrapped with a pretty bow, just for you Exclusive, unique design  Multi-use brushes   Hand-crafted  Made with synthetic hairs and cruelty free

Made with PINK LOVE!

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Beauties! Don't you hate it when you're halfway through your beauty routine and you don't have the perfect brush for the look you're doing? I wanted each of you to have the easiest glam routine, so I put together these Glam Brush Books, exclusively for you!

You won't find anything like them out there!! I'm so happy to introduce these exclusive Glam Brush Books! Choose which colour you love most:

  • ♥ White Glam
  • ♥ Pink Glam

Each Glam Brush Book:

  • ♥ includes 25 glam makeup brushes
  • ♥ is jewelled to pretty perfection with a touch of glam gold
  • ♥ was crafted with the highest quality materials
  • ♥ is absolutely perfect for makeup artists and for beauties who travel
  • ♥ has a glam quote inside to inspire you beauties!
  • pink or white makeup brushes inside

Did you know?

  • ♥ They have a durable, solid construction so they last longer than other brush collections
  • ♥ Our Glam Brush Books have more FACE brushes than EYE brushes, which differs from other brush collections out there
  • ♥ Each brush book has 25 pretty brushes with high-quality cruelty-free synthetic hairs and sparkly jewels
  • ♥ This is a MUST-HAVE luxury item for every glam girl who loves achieving the perfect beauty look

    We want you to sparkle this year, Beauties! It’s the year of Fairy Tale Glam and we’re channelling our inner princess vibes into these gorgeous new glam brush cleaners! Inspired by magical unicorns, shimmering mermaids, and real life princess vibes, these glam cleaners will have your brushes enchanting your beauty routine.♥ #SLFAIRYTALEGLAM

     Exclusive limited edition designs

     Available for a limited time

    Made with PINK LOVE!

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    It's time to get glam with the Kabooki Brush! It flawlessly blends and buffs makeup into the skin for a perfectly airbrushed effect. Made for getting glam when you're on the go!♥♥ Perfectly purse sized and on every beauties check list!♥♥

    ♥♥ Kabooki Glam K01

    Made with UNICORN LOVE!♥♥

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    Can't resist the show-stopping effect of bold, bodacious lashes? Do you love turning the heads of the guys and girls in the room?

    Whether you're addicted to the fluffy, feathery look, flirtatious clusters or dramatically flared lashes, our Luxury Lashes are perfectly comfortably, easy to apply and deliciously glam! Lashes come out easily with a little ribbon and each pretty, pink lash box is inscribed with your daily inspiration of "let your lashes sparkle with glam."

    Make hearts stop. Make breaths pause. With sexy, flirty, pretty Pink Mink Luxe Lashes!

    Highest quality 100% mink Wearable over 25 times ♥ Hand-crafted and specially designed  Cruelty-free Feather-light band for full comfort  Made with 3D curl

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    Day or night, every glam girl should glow!♥ The Beauty Blender is the perfect way to get a flawless, professional-looking finish in seconds, Beauties, so you can glam it up with pretty pink confidence!! Use it to blend out foundation for an almost airbrushed finish.♥

    How to use it? Rinse your Beauty Blender under warm water and watch it expand! After use, wash with a little brush soap or shampoo and squeeze gently to avoid tearing. Pat with a towel to dry. Store in a cool, clean, glam place!

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    Craving something sweet? Our Sweet Sayings Candles were made to satisfy your need for sweet! Heavenly scents for any taste, from the richest aroma to delicately sweet, the Sweet Sayings Candles make any room pretty with delicate-looking glass holders and glamorous quotes for the everyday glam girl!

     Burns approximately around 30-35 hours  Fragrance oil  Made of tempered glass 

     Size: 8.5 oz  Transforms into a Makeup Brush Holder!

    Made with PINK LOVE!

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