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Orders are fulfilled and shipped within 2-3 business days, Monday to Saturday, with the exception of holidays.
All orders are fulfilled by DHL, FEDEX, USPS or UPS. We will send you your tracking number by email or by Facebook if you choose to receive those updates at checkout. We are not responsible for international duties and fees when receiving your order. For USA orders you will have no extra or additional fees charged to you. During the busy holiday season the estimated delivery times can be delayed as well as orders fulfilled may not always be in a special limited edition box but a plain brown shipping box.

UNITED STATES Estimated Delivery:
$14.50 Standard Shipping 1-3 business days
*Free shipping on orders over $130.00 1-3 business days
CANADA Estimated Delivery:  
$14.50 Standard Shipping 4-6 business days
*Free shipping on orders over $130.00 4-6 business days
INTERNATIONAL Estimated Delivery:

$24.50 Standard Shipping

*Free Shipping on orders over $150.00

6-10 business days