FairyTale Glam Brush Sets♥♥

We want you to sparkle this year, Beauties! It’s the year of Fairy Tale Glam and we’re channelling our inner princess vibes into these gorgeous new glam brush sets and books! Inspired by magical unicorns, shimmering mermaids, and the sweetest macarons, these brushes will enchant your beauty routine.♥♥

6 sparkly NEW Glam Brush Sets:

♥♥ Unicorn Sparkle Set

♥♥ Mermaid Glam Set

♥♥ Unicorn Love Set

♥♥ Macaron Glam Set

♥♥ Madison Miller Set

♥♥ MissLizHeart Set

As always, each brush book and brush set is jewelled to pretty perfection, crafted from the highest quality materials and is made with PINK LOVE! #slfairytaleglam♥♥ All glam sets are made vegan & cruelty free! Designed in Canada, Made in China