Glam Brush Books♥

Beauties! Don't you hate it when you're halfway through your beauty routine and you don't have the perfect brush for the look you're doing? I wanted each of you to have the easiest glam routine, so I put together these Glam Brush Books, exclusively for you!

You won't find anything like them out there!! I'm so happy to introduce these exclusive Glam Brush Books! Choose which colour you love most:

  • ♥ White Glam
  • ♥ Pink Glam
  • ♥ Lilac Glam
  • ♥ Teal Glam

Each Glam Brush Book:

  • ♥ includes 25 glam makeup brushes
  • ♥ is jewelled to pretty perfection with a touch of glam gold
  • ♥ was crafted with the highest quality materials
  • ♥ is absolutely perfect for makeup artists and for beauties who travel
  • ♥ has a glam quote inside to inspire you beauties!
  • pink or white makeup brushes inside

Did you know?

  • ♥ They have a durable, solid construction so they last longer than other brush collections
  • ♥ Our Glam Brush Books have more FACE brushes than EYE brushes, which differs from other brush collections out there
  • ♥ Each brush book has 25 pretty brushes with high-quality cruelty-free synthetic hairs and sparkly jewels
  • ♥ This is a MUST-HAVE luxury item for every glam girl who loves achieving the perfect beauty look
  • ♥ Don't forget they are completely vegan and cruelty free!