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Posted by Stephanie Lewis on

NEW COLLECTION Enchanted Fairytales have arrived! 🍬💕
Make room on your vanity beauties! The long anticipated wait is over! 🍬 🍬💕 They’re finally here and ready- say hello to the Petite Designer Glam Books! 2 years in the making and I couldn’t be more excited to finally launch 3 very different UNIQUE designs all representing everything I truly LOVE! Mermaids, Unicorns, Sweet treats and of course coffee lattes! I want to show you my appreciation over the years, so I’ve marked them from $300 to $180 USD for you! I can’t wait to see the fairytale photos you take, so make sure to tag them #SLEnchantedFairytale so i can spread enchanted dreams! 🍬💕
Sweet Unicorn Mermaid Brush Book💕
You loved the design so much, we made this sweet style into a Glam Brush Book just for you! Who doesn’t want magical unicorns, sweet macarons and donuts, pretty jewels and cute, magical unicorns to be part of their beauty routine??💕These brushes have vibrant teal and light pink hair, and my signature 2 jewels on the handle.💕
Enchanted Princess Brush Book💕
Sweet Cinderella vibes! For all my magical princesses out there, the Enchanted Princess Brush Book is for you! This designer brush book is the perfect way to make every morning a whimsical fairytale, with magical castles, sparkly jewels and an enchanted slipper on a pillow!!💕These brushes have lilac and pink hair, and my signature 2 jewels on the handle.💕
Coffee Latte Brush Book💕
Pump up your morning routine with me, beauty! The Coffee Latte Brush Book is inspired by everything I love most to start my day! Sweet treats, a delicious latte and my fave unicorn coffee mug! It’s the perfect design to help you sparkle all day!💕These brushes have light blue and soft pink hair, and my signature 2 jewels on the handle.💕



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