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  • @ninasVanity
  • Stephanie Lewis


The Fabulous & Absolutely Beautiful MUA Nina has an such an eye for Artistry and Creativity when it comes to applying Makeup! This Self Taught MUA is creating such a name for herself in the Beauty Industry! Her Makeup looks Inspire thousands of girls on Social Media to be more creative in their own ways. When it comes to Natural or Dramatic looks she experiments with all different colors and always seems to keep her Instagram looking so Glamorous! We love checking her out for the latest Makeup Trends since she seems to always be rocking them first! We are honored to see her Wearing the Luxury Lashes in so many different looks!  Make sure to catch this Beauty on her Instagram @Ninasvanity! Also some very exciting news...We are looking at a "Soon to be" Youtube Guru! We can't wait to see her on Camera! We will be keeping an eye on her, whenever she is wearing the "Luxury Lashes" And be sure to show you all her Makeup Creations using them!
Nina wearing Luxury Lashes in "Full on Glam" Her Favorites!
Nina Wearing Luxury Lashes in "Dangerously Glam"

Nina Wearing Luxury Lashes in "Full on Glam"

Nina Wearing Luxury Lashes in "Fluttery Glam"


  • Stephanie Lewis

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  • May 07, 2017

    I love all the slmiss glam lashes,they looked absolutely beautiful on her.i cant wait till there back in stock. I defiantly will be ordering a bunch of them!!!

    — sheryl

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