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"SL Luxury Glam Party" Video!

The Launch of the Luxury Brand Slmissglambeauty


A Specialized Luxury beauty line created by Slmissglam.
Every piece hand crafted and designed for you to have the most glamorous look and feel. Showing you the diversity of the Mink Luxury Lashes and Boutique Brushes that are for every occasion! I hope you enjoy!

Videographer: Cole Bayford @colebayford
* A very special thank you, to you Cole! The way you managed to capture every moment and detail as if it were right through my eyes. Videographery is a pure talent of yours and it was a pleasure to work with you!

"Dear Summer"
Singer/Singwriter: Marilou @mariloumusic

Photographer: Taya @tayaphotography

Luxury Lashes

Natural Glam: Jennifer @chiutips https://www.youtube.com/chiutips

Seduced Glam: Amy @amyamzz http://slmissglambeauty.com/products/seduced-glam-lashes

Fluttery Glam: Emily @emilymagowan http://slmissglambeauty.com/products/fluttery-glam-lashes

Dangerously Glam: Trina @trinaduhra

Full on Glam: Nina @ninasvanity

SL Makeup Artist: Jasmine Hoffman @jasminehoffman

SL Models:
Karina Carmen @karinacarmen
Stanislava Kotyakov @stanislava.kotyakov

Makeup & Hair Team
Makeup Artist: Tianna @tianna_tran
Hair: Crystal @yours_truly_crystal

Decor: Frill Baloons, Pink Peony Tassels, Confetti Poppers, Cake Tassel @efhamarandsienna http://www.efhamarandsienna.com

RoseGold SL Lucy Necklace: Olive + Piper http://www.oliveandpiper.com
(Receive it in the shop http://www.slmissglambeauty.com till May 1st complimentary when you spend $100)

Makeup: Milani Cosmetics @milanicosmetics http://milanicosmetics.com/

Sweet Treats
Hugos Churros: @hugoschurros

Petite Puf: Cotton Candy http://petitepuf.com/

Sweet Bake Shop: Macarons,Cupcakes and Ombre Cake http://www.sweetbakeshop.com

ShopMaccs Clothing: http://www.shopmaccs.com

Flowers: Landeau @givelandeau http://www.givelandeau.com

Live Blogging // Luxury Party & Pop up Shop: http://shopeatlove.com/sl-luxury-glam-party-live/

The support and love we all have for one another after this Launch Video Premiere has been remarkable and such a rememberable experience. This is exactly how i want not only the look but the feel the line gives you! Laughter, smiles and new friendships is what defines this special occasion!

"Its Glam- at its Finest!" Slmissglam

  • Stephanie Lewis
  • Launch VideoLuxury LashesYoutube Video

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