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  • @beatfacefridayy
  • Stephanie Lewis


We all know how addicting Instagram can be specially when you have accounts like @beatfacefridayy! The Beautiful Gigi has such a talent at adding a touch of "Pink" into anything she posts.  She was so excited about the Boutique Brushes in its Glam Pink Packaging she couldn't even take it out of the packaging for 2 days! But when she did, she was a very happy customer!
"Such an incredible accomplishment for @slmissglam - I absolutely ADORE everything about your makeup brushes. I did not even take it out of its pretty box until today (two days!). My thoughts: delightfully glam, playful, + luxury soft bristles." -Gigi

The lovely Gigi herself @beatfacefridayy
  • Stephanie Lewis

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